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May 2024

The Oil Seed Rape (OSR) is now coming to an end and swarming is in full flow. Some beekeepers are already taking their first crop of honey while other are still feeding, it’s been a real odd year.

The season feels like it’s a couple of weeks ahead of last year and swarms are already being reported by some of the local collectors at NHBKA.

A large number of Asian yellow legged hornet queens have already been reported in Kent and East Sussex so if haven’t already deployed your Gard’Apis traps then you might be missing capturing queens. Mid May is the time to swap from the Red Nozzles over to the Orange Nozzles as workers will be making an appearance.


The traps have been designed and developed in the field in France by beekeepers. The design has under gone 28 iterations so that it only catches Asian hornet queens and workers. By-Catch is reduced to a minimum by using two different sized nozzles, the red nozzle is used to catch queens in the spring and autumn and the orange nozzle to catch workers during the summer. RRP £23.99 each, bulk discounts available for Beekeeping Associations.

For more information on the Gard’Apis traps then click here

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