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Summer Update
With the second honey crop coming up for removal, there are a number of jobs that need to be carried out. The first of course is the removal of the supers, we have supplies of porter and rhombus bee escapes along with ekes. “Bee Quick” in conjunction with a rhombus bee escapse are an excellent duo that will clear supers extremely quickly, allowing you to take the super off in the one trip to the apiary saving you time and effort.
The next job will be treating for varroa mites, we have stocks of Apiguard, Apibioxal, Apivar and Apistan that can be used after the honey has been removed.
Finally, feeding prior to the ivy honey flow, we now have stocks of Invertbee in stock at £19/14kg jerry can.

If you still need frames, supers, brood boxes or foundation then call us or drop by as we have them all in stock.

Wax exchange is a cost effective way of buying your foundation, bring us your clean wax and we will exchange it for new Thorne’s premier foundation, there’s a small charge for wax conversion and wiring but the savings are huge.

Call us today to place your order for bee feeds or for beekeeping equipment or hives.

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