WBC Hive Complete Flat with 14″x12″ Brood body and extra lift

Manufactured by EH Thorne from Western Red Cedar. The Classic Cottage Garden hive, admired by beekeepers worldwide for its attractive and stable design. This double walled hive offers great protection against the weather. A stunning focal point for any garden, large or small, especially when painted white. We can paint them at an additional cost. If you wish to paint it yourself, we recommend two coats of good quality undercoat and, once thoroughly dry, a coat of quality gloss paint.

The WBC hive with 14″x12″ brood body, and extra lift, gives an extra 50% brood area and is supplied flat packed.

Price: £554.60

  • Varroa floor
  • Lift with porch and three additional lifts
  • Entrance slides
  • Brood body with 10 14″ x 12″ frames and premier wired foundation
  • Dummy board
  • Wire queen excluder
  • Two supers with 8 SN1 frames on castellations and premier wired foundation. Or choose 10 x SN1 or 11 x SN4.
  • Crownboard with two plastic porter bee escapes
  • Roof
  • Instructions, glue and nails
  • Getting Started with Beekeeping booklet

Dimension are for the assembled hive.