Gard’Apis Sentinel

Asian Yellow Legged Hornet trap


Available for immediate collection.

The Gard’Apis Sentinel Asian Hornet (Vespa Velutina) Trap is a highly selective trap which has zero by-catch of other hornets, wasps, bees etc. The trap has been developed by beekeepers in the field so that it is extremely effective at catching only Asian Hornet queens and workers.

The trap comprises of :

  • Queen Excluder mesh body
  • 2 End cones
  • 2 pairs of discriminatory nozzles, red for queens, orrange for workers.
  • Spare nozzles
  • Mesh clip
  • Transparent bait tray

The traps have been designed and developed in the field in France by beekeepers. The design has under gone 26 iterations so that it only catches Asian hornet queens and workers. By-Catch is reduced to a minimum by using two different sized nozzles, the red nozzle is used to catch queens in the spring and autumn and the orange nozzle to catch workers during the summer. £23.99 each

Our instructions for the use of Gard’Apis traps can be downloaded here

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20 +20%£19.19
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