Beginners Bee Hive

Our Economy British Standard starter hive is very good value for the beginner and experienced beekeeper alike. Made from English white cedar, this hive will give years of service with or without painting. All our hives, frames and beeswax foundation is manufactured at Thorne’s factory in Lincolnshire, UK.

Our Beginners hive consists of :-
Open Mesh Floor and Entrance block,
English Cedar Brood Box and metal runners,
11 x DN4 frames, nails and premier Thornes deep foundation,
Framed Wire Queen Excluder,
2 x Supers and cassallated spacers,
20 x SN1 frames, nails and premier Thornes shallow foundation,
Crownboard including 2 porter bee escapes,
100mm deep Roof.
£195 collection only.

14×12 Beginners Hive
As above but with 14×12 brood box and 11 off 14×12 frames and premier Thornes foundation
£220 collection only.

Smoker and tools not included