Feeds and Feeders

We stock a varied selection of feeders, feeds and suppliments for your colonies

Feeders come in all shapes and sizes and we have all the bases covered.

  • English Feeder – £10.50 – a large feeder that is ideal for out apiaries
  • Rapid – £3.50 – holds 4 pints of feed for quickly feeding syrup. You’ll need an eke or an empty super to go between the crown board and the roof.
  • Nuc – £6.20 – ideally suited for feeding Nucs or smaller colonies
  • Mini Ashforth Feeder – £7.20 – A small capacity (2 litre) plastic feeder. Hinged lid, suitable for feeding nucs.
  • Contact – £5.20 – very quick way of feeding syrup to a colony, requires an empty super to house it above the crown board.
  • Frame feeder – £12.50 – is placed within the brood box a frame needs to be
  • Feeder Ekes – these give you enough space above the crownboard to place a feeder

Feeds, Supliments, Fondants and Syrups.