Uncapping Tools

Serrated Uncapping Knife

Very sharp stainless steel blade 280mm long and 35mm wide.
Hollow ground on both sides and flexible. Riveted wooden handle 110mm long.

Uncapping Slice, narrow or wide

The new uncapping slice neatly removes cappings in one swift motion.  Simply pull the slice towards you to uncap each cell. Available in two different widths, 75mm and 130mm.

Plastic Cranked Uncapping Fork.

Still a popular and easy uncapping method. Use cold with a zig-zag action cutting just under the cappings. Rinse occasionally in hot water and wipe dry. Cranked needles assist in lifting cappings clear of comb.

NB Small Uncapping Roller

A budget uncapping roller. Simply roll over the comb and then extract in the usual way. The sharp spikes pierce the cappings but do not remove them. Most of the wax stays in place until extraction and can be filtered out of the honey at a later date. 215mm long.
Roller is 25mm x 46mm and made up of 5 discs of plastic pins. 14 pins per disc.