Apiguard – 10tray pack £27.80 – a Thymol based treatment for the eradication of varroa mites. Can only be used when temperatures are above 14degs C.

Apibioxal -35g £13.00 – a Oxalic acid based treatment that is applied during broodless period within the colony. It can be trickled as a liquid or vapourised with a suitable piece of equipment. The vapour is extremely dangerous to humans if breathed in but harmless to honey bees at recommended strengths.

MAQs – a Formic acid based treatment against varroa mites – Out of stock.

Apivar – 5 hive pack £31.00 – A really effective (99%) treatment against varroa mite. Can be used at any time of the year. Honey supers will need to ne removed prior to treatment

Apistan – 5 hive pack £21.00 – is a slow release polymer strip formulation specifically designed for use in beehives for the control of varroa jacobsoni Oudemans on honeybees. Each packet will treat five hives.

NB. There are pockets of resistance to the active ingredient of Apistan in the UK. Check with your local association or monitor mite-fall carefully during the first days of treatment with Apistan. It is recommended to rotate between treatments of different chemical classes every two to three years.

Certan – This product has been withdrawn from the UK. For the treatment of honey supers against wax moth larvae. It is the only biological larvaecide (active ingredient B401) available for the control of wax moth. It will not harm you, your bees, your wax or honey. We are awaiting the approval of a replacement product – B402, which should be approved for use in the UK in 2021.